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The Learning Journey

The Learning Journey Match It! Game - Garden Patch

The Learning Journey Match It! Game - Garden Patch

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Develop counting skills-matching the pictures to the corresponding numbers is a fun way to encourage children to develop their counting skills while having fun and competing to be the first to grow a beautiful garden patch!

Boost memory skills-children need to remember where the correct pieces are, helping them to develop their memory skills and encouraging them to focus and concentrate on the game.

Encourage social interaction-match it! Games are a fantastic way to get children playing together and having fun while interacting, boosting their conversational skills and encouraging them to interact. Family friendly fun that everyone can enjoy!

Develop problem-solving skills-working out how TO play and coming up with Basic strategies for winning the game is a fun way for children to develop those all-important problem-solving skills that will help them in their future education.

Boost confidence-as your child develops the skills needed to play and Succeed with this match it! Game, their confidence is also growing and helping motivate them to be more open to new and exciting learning opportunities.

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