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Pigeon Training Toothbrush Re Set

Pigeon Training Toothbrush Re Set

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Pigeon Training Toothbrush Step 1 2 3 is a uniquely designed three step toothbrush systemthat caters to each stage of your baby's oral development. 

A value pack with three toothbrushes in the one set. introduces the concept of holding a toothbrush. 

The thick and contoured handle makes it easy for your baby to grasp. The soft elastomer rubber head is soothing to young, tender gums. is used as a transition toothbrush to familiarise your baby with the brushing movement when brushing teeth. 

The ultra-fine bristles ensure comprehensive care for teeth and interdental spaces, making it an ideal toothbrush for when most of your baby's milk teeth are in and they're ready for their first brushing experience with toothpaste.

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