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Pigeon Toothgel Fruit Punch

Pigeon Toothgel Fruit Punch

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Pigeon Fruit Punch Baby Toothpaste is designed specifically for babies and children, offering gentle yet effective oral care.

Key Features:

  • Prevents Tooth Decay: Formulated to help prevent tooth decay and promote healthy gums from an early age.
  • PH Balanced: PH friendly formula that maintains oral health without harsh chemicals.
  • Fluoride-Free: Free from fluoride, ensuring safety for young children.
  • SLS, Color, and Paraben-Free: Gentle ingredients that are safe and gentle on delicate gums.
  • Safe to Swallowed: Food grade formula, harmless even if swallowed.
  • Fruity Flavor: Features a fruit punch flavor that is enjoyable for kids. 

Why Choose Pigeon? Pigeon Fruit Punch Baby Toothpaste combines decades of expertise in baby care with a commitment to safety and quality, ensuring your child receives the best oral care from the very first tooth.

Ensure your child's dental hygiene with Pigeon Fruit Punch Baby Toothpaste, crafted with care for a healthy smile.

Shop Now and give your child the gift of healthy teeth and gums!

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