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Pigeon Newborn Starter Set V2

Pigeon Newborn Starter Set V2

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Recommended by Pediatricians and Childbirth Experts worldwide.

What's Inside:

1 Twin pack 160ml PP Wide neck Bottle

1 Twin pack 240ml PP Wide neck Bottle

Pigeon wideneck baby bottles are made of polypropylene (PP) material, which is light for those little hands to grasp. With its ultra-soft silicone teat, this helps your little one gently transition from breastfeeding to formula feeding during the weaning stage. No stress for mommy, and no nipple confusion for baby.

Focusing on the four key points of "shape","softness,","balanced center of gravity," and "weight"", the baby's ""easy to suck"" is realized. Shape: The baby can naturally change the nipple shape of the tongue. In order to cope with the development of the small mouth, the length and width of the nipple are changed according to the age of the month. According to the age of the month, use the size suitable for the developmental stage, the baby can suck well, and the stability effect is improved. Softness: A soft pacifier with a small burden on the chin, and a rounded design on the pacifier head, which fits the mouth. Balanced Center of Gravity: A stable design that does not easily fall out of the mouth when sucking. Weight: Babies can easily hold the weight in their mouths. Celebrate babies the way they are and give the best quality feeding bottle. 

4pcs Wide neck S nipples

Pigeon peristaltic nipple promotes no nipple confusion, so weaning baby from latching will be less stressful for moms. This size S is recommended starting 3 months. Pigeon peristaltic nipples are developed based on 3 key steps of sucking:

1) Latching - this is when the lips open outward and latch on to the areola;

2) Peristaltic tongue movement - this is the ""wave-like"" tongue movement that squeezes the nipple and then extracts milk;

3) Swallowing - the back of the tongue rises, channeling the milk into the esophagus.

1x Pigeon 2-Way Baby Bottle Sponge Brush

Make cleaning less of a chore by using the Pigeon 2-Way Baby Bottle Sponge Brush. It enables two ways to wash bottles:

1) Vertical Wash - Wash baby bottle in straight up and down action

2) Circular Wash - Rotate the brush inside the baby bottle

*Brush included can be yellow or green.

1 Silicone Pacifier

Perfect fit for a teething baby. BPA-free.

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