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Kinderkraft My Way Car Seat - Red

Kinderkraft My Way Car Seat - Red

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Introducing MYWAY, an ISOFIX car seat for children from birth to 36 kg. 

MYWAY can be installed rearward-facing (RWF) up to 18 kg, and optionally forward-facing from 9 kg. 

The seat is integrated with the base, which increases the child's safety by absorbing the first impact force. 

Designed with advanced safety features, including the 3-layer headrest (H-GUARD SYSTEM) and reinforced side protectors (SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM), the Kinderkraft My Way Car Seat - Red prioritizes side impact protection for maximum safety of your child.

The seat's RECLINING function enables one-handed changes to the angle, offering 4 adjustable positions (1 RWF, 3 FWF). Additionally, the EASY GROW SYSTEM allows for simultaneous adjustments to the headrest (with 10 positions) and seat belt height.

The MYWAY can be fitted on ISOFIX and TOP TETHER (it has 3 indicators of correct fitting), and when the child grows up - on car belts. Thanks to the magnetic fasteners on the inner harness, it is easier to put your child in the seat.

Safe rearward-facing transport of children up to 18 kg

 3 correct fastening indicators

 Can be fitted with car belts


 Additional head and spine protection

 The seat is integrated with the base

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