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Bestway Pavillo CampBase Sleep Pad (75" x 20" x 0.24")

Bestway Pavillo CampBase Sleep Pad (75" x 20" x 0.24")

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Webster defines an accessory as “a thing of secondary or subordinate importance” but at Bestway®, we believe accessories are just as important as the products they enhance.

And when it comes to camping, accessories are a must. Solar showers, folding chairs, coolers, camping mats and sleeping bags make the outdoors feel a bit more like home.

So be sure your camping checklist includes Bestway® Camping Accessories.

For sleeping comfort on the go, the CampBase Sleep Pad is a light, compact, full-length closed-cell foam sleeping pad that can be used alone or under a sleeping bag for added comfort.

When it comes to the outdoors, the CampBase Sleep Pad is a must. Your memories will thank you.

Content: one mat, two elastic straps

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