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Bestway Hydro-Swim Lil Glider Set

Bestway Hydro-Swim Lil Glider Set

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The Dominator™ Snorkel Mask by Bestway® is the perfect accessory for your child's next fun underwater experience! Whether they are venturing into the pool or the ocean, the Dominator Snorkel Mask is geared for swimmers ages 3 and up, and the set comes with a mask and a snorkel.

UV-Protected Impact-Resistant Dual Lenses:

The dual lenses are crafted with polycarbonate, providing resistance to splashes and dives. The UV coating additionally shields your child's eyes while swimming and splashing.

Splash Guard: 

Speaking of splashes, the splash guard technology prevents water from entering the snorkel as your child swims and each snorkel comes with a soft, comfort-fit mouthpiece. 

Comfortable Fit: 

The Bestway Hydro-Swim Lil Glider Set features a leak-resistant edge skirt, ensuring a precise and comfortable fit. Additionally, the non-latex mask is equipped with a fully adjustable head strap, allowing for a secure fit during your child's next underwater excursion.

Whether swimming or snorkeling, be sure to bring along the Dominator™ Snorkel Mask!

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