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Pigeon Fun Friends Silicon Pacifier (M) Lovely Toy- Sun Bear

Pigeon Fun Friends Silicon Pacifier (M) Lovely Toy- Sun Bear

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Print surface is wide, sucking the appearance that looks cute.

◆ baby is likely to move the tongue naturally nipple shape.

And change the nipple of the length and width for each size in accordance with the development of the hinterland.

· According to the age, is to use the size to match the developmental stage, the baby is laid in the well, the more calm effect.


• In the softness of the nipple with less burden of the jaw, the flexibility to fit the movement of the hinterland.

center of gravity balance

Design with a stubborn sense of stability from the mouth when-sucking are.


baby is likely addition to the hinterland weight


Nipples: Silicone Rubber · Seat plate, such as: Polypropylene

Heat Resistance

Nipple/Teat: 120 Degree Celsius

Hood/Shield: 120Degree Celsius

Sterilization Method

Boiling, Chemical and Steam Sterilization


For a long time, it may affect the alignment of teeth and engagement and become your long-term. If you are concerned about, please consult an expert, such as a dentist as soon as possible. - for the first time before become your, also, always washed after everyday use, please refer to the disinfection. - Please be sure to use in the reach of the eyes of the parents.

Babies are subject to the action unexpected.- chewing teeth, you may be and become your long period of time expires or scratched in the nipple.

• When washed, it may water enters the nipple. Since there is a possibility that the fungus grows, if the water has entered, press the nipple with a finger, please use to turn off the water.

• When the baby is asleep, please remove the pacifier. - Remove hood, please keep out of reach of children. · There is a risk of suffocation, or hanging pacifier from the neck, please do not use ribbon or string as a pacifier holder. For a long time, please do not place near the location and the fire is direct sunlight.

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