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Bestway Boys/Girls Swim Pal

Bestway Boys/Girls Swim Pal

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The Bestway Boys/Girls Swim Pal is designed with Swim Safe ABC™ and AquaStar™ fabric to provide children, aged 3-6, with the confidence to swim freely in the water. 

The Swim Pal is a swim training vest with attached arm bands made from durable, comfortable oxford fabric. 

This Step B swimming training vest is designed with bright colors and imaginative graphics to capture your child's attention. It includes built-in foam pads for balanced buoyancy, as well as adjustable buckles and straps for a comfortable and secure fit.

The floatie armbands give your child extra stability as they get used to the water, and the fabric features UPF 50+, which helps block harmful UV rays and prevents fading.

The Bestway® Swim Safe ABC step by step program begins with Step A floats, which are for babies and toddlers who need the maximum amount of support. 

Step B swim vests are for toddlers who are starting to gain confidence but can't swim on their own yet, and Step C armbands are for kids who are starting to learn the fundamentals of swimming.

Watch your child’s growth as they become more confident and comfortable in the water.

The Bestway Boys/Girls Swim Pal is designed to assist with water safety milestones, helping you guide your child through their swim training. With the Swim Safe ABC AquaStar fabric, swimming becomes a safe and enjoyable experience for kids.

Introducing children to water has never been easier than with Bestway® Fabric Swim Trainers. 

Designed for ultimate comfort, these items bring the fun to the water for babies and toddlers that aren't ready to be on their own yet. 

Following a step system, these trainers work to introduce children to swimming at their own pace, offering three types of trainers. 

Step A floats are for babies and toddlers that need the maximum amount of support. 

Step B jackets are for toddlers that are starting to gain confidence but can't swim on their own. 

Step C armbands are for kids that are starting to learn the basic fundamentals of swimming.

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