Ogalala at the Toy Expo 2018!

Take your kid’s adventure to the next level at the Ogalala Active Play booth at the Toy Expo 2018! Spend meaningful play time with dinosaurs and a pretend play grocery; be an experiment expert by mixing colors and making your own markers; or make a mark on our freedom wall! This is active play — when kids use 2 or more senses to ignite imagination during play time.

While kids play, moms will enjoy awesome discounts of up to 80% on all our active play brands, Crayola, Melissa & Doug, The Learning Journey, National Geographic, and more. Plus, we’re launching NEW and EXCITING TOYS exclusively at the Toy Expo!


Make coloring time a bonding experience for you and your little artists! Create melted crayon crafts, decorative signage, pixel art, and so much more with the ALL NEW Crayola Crayon Melter!


Introducing the Crayola Crayon Melter, a safe and easy-to-use crayon melting tool that can be used to create melted crayon crafts, decorative signage, pixel art, and so much more! Its low-heat tip makes it safe for kids, ages 8 & up. Plus, it quickly dries to the touch on a variety of surfaces. What melted crayon creations will you design?!

  • Safe, low-heat design for ages 8+
  • Create on wood, canvas, cardboard & more
  • Transform crayon pieces into “wax art”
  • Quick dries in seconds
  • Heats up in 1-2 minutes
  • Product Tips & FAQs

Catch all this new Crayola toy first and exclusively at the Toy Expo 2018 on August 24-26, 2018!


Here’s more reason to visit us at the Toy Expo! Melissa & Doug pretend play toys will be at 20% off and open for play for your tots.

Tempting your children to try some delicious vegetables will be much easier once they have played with these realistically sized “fresh from the farm” veggies by Melissa & Doug! There are 7 pieces packed in this crate of harvested seasonal favorites. This durable, molded-plastic food is ideal for kitchen and grocery play. Also available “farm fresh” favorite fruits!

3MEL-4082 Play-Time Produce Farm Fresh Fruit (4)

Let your kids’ imaginations go wild and be curious about the animal kingdom! All new animal play sets from National Geographic are debuting at the Toy Expo at 20% off!

Introduce children to basic programming and coding with these fun, light up, infrared remote control playmates from The Learning Journey — new Code and Learn toys!

A great tool for learning sequencing, directions, problem solving and logic. These products align with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) standards.


The Learning Journey’s Techno Gears RC sets are the perfect way to encourage youngsters to build. With its 80+ colorful construction pieces, power motor, flashing lights and sounds, and now: remote control forward and reverse motion! Kits include everything your vehicle enthusiast needs to build their own moving and working Monster Truck and Drag Racer.

The mechanics of these Techno Gear sets include gears and will introduce and experience the science of gear ratio. These products align with and support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math standards).

All these and more at the Ogalala booth at the Toy Expo! Let your kids have a go at these newest toys at our free play area.



Get fun and engaging active play toys at up to 80% off from Crayola, Melissa & Doug, Nat Geo, and more!

Playtime is adventure time. Your little one can become anyone they want during Active Play! So, let your little one’s imagination run wild. Take this quiz and find out what possibilities await them. Be ready for a surprise you can claim at the Toy Expo at the end of the quiz!




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