Crayola Create-It-Yourself Art Workshops for Summer!

Let the kids learn about great art masters and their different styles and techniques in this introductory class by Likhang Bata Creativity Center!

The first 10 pre-registered students who CONFIRM THEIR ATTENDANCE ON THE WORKSHOP DAY will get Crayola freebies and a discount voucher for Likhang Bata’s Meet the Art Masters classes this summer!

Workshop is for kids aged 5 to 12 years old and has limited slots of 20 per class. We will close this registration once we meet the number of kids per class. You may opt to do walk-in on the workshop day but we cannot guarantee slots. Workshop is free; no need to bring anything.

Mar 24-24 workshop

Create-it-yourself art workshop

For other Ogalala Workshop schedules check out this page:


  1. I have been going back for a couple of weeks now just to register for the Shangri la workshop and it seems like the event was never open.


    • Hi Hunny! We apologize for the inconvenience. The registration link was indeed opened (from Mar 2 – 22) but the slots filled up fast. We will be having another one in Rustans Makati on April 13 which you might be interested to join.


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