Toddler Milestones: Development Milestones To Expect

Now that he’s starting to walk what developmental milestone should you expect?

Standing and walking by himself is a sign that he has reached the toddler stage.


As his motor skills improve, he’ll try out new things like using a fork and spoon and drinking from an open cup. As toddlers, they are more active than any time of their life. From walking to running to everywhere, toddlers cannot just sit still. They become more curious and aware of themselves and their surroundings. One tip on making them settle down while tapping into their creativity is to do arts and crafts with them.

Also he’ll be able to grab things using two to three fingers rather than using his whole hand. Young toddlers are now capable for much more precise hand and finger movements. Simple puzzles can delight and challenge a toddler and help develop eye hand coordination.

3MEL-576 Rainbow Stacker Classic Toy (2)

Young toddlers may be able to stack two to three larger sized blocks.

A toddler can sometimes feel frustrated when a he is not able to do something. A toddler is still limited in a way he uses his words and may have an outburst of emotions as his way to communicate his frustration.

Toddlers learn new words everyday. Most of the words a toddler uses are nouns to name animals, people and toys. Toddler start to follow simple instructions like put the toy in the box.

By 18 months, a toddler can ask for something by pointing or using a word. Expand your toddlers words into phrases or sentences like when he says “drink water” say “Do you want to drink some water?” Ask your child questions about the pictures and stories you read together.

All in all being a toddler is a lot work.

It is up to you to provide ample opportunities and a safe environment for our toddlers to explore and move around while it is up to our toddlers to have a mind of their own.

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Teacher Raissa is a teacher by day and Crayola addict 24/7! She absolutely adores children and has been working (and playing!) with them for the last 9 years. She teaches math, is a homeroom adviser to adorable Preschoolers, and believes in learning through play.

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