Expert’s Corner: Why do Arts?

In a previous article, I came up with 10 reasons why parents need to encourage children to play. If you read through it, it basically tells the parents that play helps children to learn, to understand the world around them and to understand themselves. This is what Active Learning is all about.

Play activities can vary from block play to arts and crafts. (If you are interested in reading more about block play, visit last month’s article featuring my favorite set of blocks). Art activities are a fantastic way for kids of all ages to express themselves creatively, spend quality time with their parents and discover themselves.


Seeing a child busy pasting paper cut-outs or painting a picture would often result to a child with paint or glue smeared on his shirt or onto his elbows. Your once clean, mess-free dining area, may turn into a crafting mess filled with crayons, glitters and punch-outs ready for sticking (It’s a good thing there’s washable crayons, markers, and paints now!). At first glance it’s complete chaos but really there is something more going on. In fact, the question pops up: Why do arts and crafts?

Here are 8 reasons why:

  • it promotes creativity
  • it helps develop fine motor skills
  • it develops problem solving abilities
  • it can be used to understand their emotions, self and their world
  • it encourages kids to interact
  • it can employ all the senses depending on the activity
  • it builds focus and confidence
  • it enhance language skills and vocabulary

As a self-professed Crayola addict and a preschool teacher, doing arts and crafts is part of our daily activities. I totally enjoy coloring, cutting and experimenting with colors. But what I truly love about the arts is that I get to be myself and do something without really fretting on what the end product will be. Same with my students, when we do arts and crafts, I let them discover and experiment on their own. As a teacher, I observe the decision-making skills and how open they get to express themselves.

74-7210-0-200_Emoji Maker_L2_
Crayola Emoji Maker, P1,999.75

The Crayola-Marker Maker Starter Kit makes this possible. My first ever Marker Maker Kit was given by a friend. I was both excited and anxious to use this new kit. Excited because of course there is something new to add to my collection and anxious because I really didn’t know what to expect. Is the process easy to do? Is it easy to clean up? Can I really leave it to my nieces and nephews (or maybe students) to use?

There were so many questions popping in my head that finally when I had the opportunity to try my Crayola Marker Maker Starter Kit, I felt a wave of relief pass through me. The kit was super easy to set up and use. It came with a mixing guide and ink bottles. Plus with this starter kit, you will be able to make 8 markers. The Crayola Marker Maker Kit was so fun to use that I had to order a Crayola Marker Maker refill pack and invite my nephews to do it with me.

74-7058-0_Product_Toy_Makers_Marker Maker_Wacky Tips_H_
Crayola Marker Maker – Wacky Tips, P2,499.75

Another Crayola Kit that I am fascinated with is the Crayola Emoji Maker. In this kit, you can still mix and match inks but this time you can create stamper markers with a cool emoji design. My pupils love it when I use my ‘special’ marker stamper to check their works and if they keep on making good choices they’ll be able to get a stamp on their fist. A variation of this is the Crayola Marker Maker with Wacky tips. Instead of having emoji stampers at one end, the marker will have a special tip.

There are various kits that Crayola has to offer for tons of fun and laughter together with family and friends. Just remember mommies and daddies, let your little ones take the lead and enjoy the process. Happy marker making!

If you have ideas or you are already doing this with your child, share them with us! Just use these hashtags:

#OgalalaActiveLearning #OgalalaSystemInPlay #TeacherRaissasPicks

You might even win something special from Ogalala!


Got questions for Teacher Raissa about child development and milestones? Leave a comment below or send us a message at ogalalaexpert [at]

Teacher Raissa is a teacher by day and Crayola addict 24/7! She absolutely adores children and has been working (and playing!) with them for the last 9 years. She teaches math, is a homeroom adviser to adorable Preschoolers, and believes in learning through play.


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