#Kidspirations Launch – Press Release


What is the Ogalala Kidspirations Advocacy?

Ogalala has been part of a global goal to help parents raise happy, fulfilled, and purposeful children.

We would like to encourage kids to be OGALALA “KIDSPIRATIONS”… Kids who inspire other kids.  How? Ogalala believes Each Child is Unique. With child developmental tools, parents can help bring out their child’s full potential.


For this event, we are officially launching our proprietary – Ogalala System in Play and Care on April 28, 2017 at the 2nd floor Events Area of the Ayala Malls the 30th, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.  Then culminate the celebration with the Elle Kids Fashion Show and the #Kidspiration Parade on April 29, 4pm.


What is the Ogalala System in PLAY and CARE?

The Ogalala System in PLAY and CARE is a tool to help parents identify milestones and tools that will help you adapt to your child’s learning method and infants care needs.

From extensive research and experts’ advice, we put together a system in play and care that you can use to adapt to your own parenting style.


Highlights of the Elle Kids Fashion Show

Elle has marked more than 70 years , The world’s number one leading fashion magazine has extended its influence into ever more exciting fashion products for kids, inspiring THE “Parisian Lifestyle” On April 29, 4pm,  ELLE kids spring/summer collection gives everyone a preview to the new and exciting silhouettes available for this Summer and Back to School.


What is the #Kidspirations Parade?

“Let Inspirations be part of our personal goal, part of our own milestones. Be something and be someone. Be a kid with a purpose, Be #kidspirations to yourself and to others.”

That is the main motive of the parade to showcase #kidpiration stories to promote ideals and aspirations of parents and expectant mothers.

Sharing both parents’ and kids’ aspirations through their #kidspiration stories realizes the Goal of Ogalala for children to have a happy, fulfilled and purposeful future.

This parade is a small step which Ogalala hopes can lead to a bigger leap for parents and children to be #kidspirations. 




In Partnership with: Crayola, Melissa & Doug, EMCO, Animal Planet, The Learning Journey, Discovery Kids, Pigeon, Safety1st, Ergo Baby, Quinny & Maxi Cosi, and of course, ELLE Kids.


Ogalala Stores:

Ogalala Store 2nd floor Shangrila West Wing

Ogalala Baby 2nd floor Shangrila Mall, Main Wing

Ogalala Store 2nd floor Ayala Malls The 30th Meralco

Shop online @ Oga-lala.com


Ogalala Hotline: 441-1717 / 990-5437


Products Featured




Pigeon products always try to consider mother’s perspective, and also try to see the world through baby’s eyes. At the same time, we consider baby’s healthy growth and mother’s changing needs.



The most popular carrier brand in the world is now featuring the safest Hip seat. Another selection that Ergobaby made to ensure the highest standard in baby carrier technology.

Maxi Cosi

Europe’s most trusted car seat . It offers high quality products for your growing child. Maxi Cosi experts carry out more than 2,000 crash tests every year to test existing products and develop new technology.


Quinny focuses on product development and innovation that can adapt as your baby develops and grows. Quinny Zapp Xtra 2.0 is compatible with Maxi Cosi Infant Car seat, making it easy and seamless to use as a travel system and car seat.


Safety 1st security gates and bed rails are preferred by most parents in the world. The most popular brand when it comes to child safety offers a wide range of baby gates and bed rails made perfectly for your growing child.



This summer, Elle will showcase it’s latest Spring Summer collection –  from sporty to tricolor day to day chic and cool for girls and boys. Check our facebook and instagram – ELLEKidsPh  to know more about the latest trends.   #nokidding




 The Crayola Ultimate Art Supplies provide everything your child needs to start drawing or painting. It comes with 24 Crayons, 8 Markers, 12 Short Colored Pencils, 8 Watercolors, Paintbrush, Scissors, Glue and 30 Colored Paper Sheets.

Provide young artists with the tools to create their next masterpiece with this fun Crayola Twistables Pencil Design and Sketch Kit. It comes complete with 65 mini Twistables pencils.

Crayola Building blocks is a new addition to Crayola fun collection for aspirant engineers or tomorrow. It comes with  25 multi-color blocks. Build hand-eye coordination, problem solving, creativity & imagination, shape and color coordination.

Melissa & Doug products – Melissa & Doug is one of the leading developmental toys producers in the world and it’s benefits already reached the Philippines market to promote proper milestones of children through play.




Ogalala_Wonderful world of PLAY & CHILDCARE

Ogalala is a branded system in Play and Care by Internationale Globale Marques, Inc. (IGM), an affiliate of Richwell Phils Group of Companies, a leading licensee and distributor of children’s global brands for more than 30 years. For inquiries, call us at 441-1717 or visit our website at www.oga-lala.com

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