#kidspirations, Parent Know How

What is a parent to a child’s future?



“ Being a full-time mother is the highest paid job in the universe,

Since the payment is pure LOVE”



“For a man to be a father is easy, but it takes a special person to be a dad”




The biggest fear of parents is the fear of the unknown future for their children.


Every parent aims to give Love and Care to their child.

Not knowing that incorporation of proper developmental stages of care and play can really help their children build a bigger tomorrow.


“An infant with a bonded system to kick start his development.

A toddler with an early inspiration can reinforce skills to build their dreams.

A child with dreams can be secured of a purposeful future.





 Kid – a child or young person.

Inspiration – the act of influencing, the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

“S” –creating more possibilities of becoming a Kid Inspiration in all genre of specialty

 newborn-1328454_960_720“ Don’t call it a dream, Call it a plan”

A parent should be equipped with the 3 tools,

Expose Ourselves on Child Development Milestones

Educate Ourselves on Quality Tools for Learning Through Play

Share Our Kids’ Talents and Achievements by being Ogalala #kidspirations to Other Kids


There’s no giant step, there are just small steps to reach your plans”

Plan for your children to be #kidspirations to themselves and to others.


Ogalala believes Each Child is Unique.

With child developmental tools, you can help bring out your child’s full potential.

We would like to encourage kids to aim to be


a kid inspiration to other kids


Let Inspirations be part of our personal goal, part of our own milestones.

Be something and be someone. Be a kid with a purpose.

Be #kidspirations to yourself and to others.


Share your #kidspirations stories

Post it in OgalalaWorld Facebook page, Use #kidspirations

and get a chance for your child to be our featured ambassador.

Your Children needs presence than presents”


Help them grow being #kidspirations.

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