National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) honors The Learning Journey International with several awards for 2016

(Phoenix, AZ – August 2016) The Learning Journey International has been awarded several National Parenting Product Awards for 2016! TLJI is honored to earn this distinction from one of the longest running and most respected awards programs in the country, with 26 years of experience in the industry. They are considered the “go-to” source for parents and professionals seeking the best products for their children and families.

NAPPA enlists a team of independent expert judges and family testers to review each submission thoroughly. Together, they select the most entertaining, appealing, safe, educational, age-appropriate and enduring products as NAPPA winners. Products that receive the prestigious NAPPA award are quality products that parents and professionals can trust.

The 2016 NAPPA winners are ABC Dancing Dino, Play and Learn Cash Register, Grab It!
Spelling Bee, and Learn With Me – Numbers & Colors Pig E Bank.

2016-nappa-seal-2-1 remote-control-abc-dancing-dino

ABC Dancing Dino

“Kids are riveted by this delightfully interactive educational toy. Remote Control ABC Dancing Dino responds to the touch of various buttons on the accompanying handheld device – walking and talking, dancing, singing, playing music – he even asks questions and confirms whether kids have selected the correct answer. His wiggly, waggly tail and enthusiastic dance moves (accompanied by humorous phrases like ‘I’m a prehistoric dancing machine!’), ignite particularly gleeful responses from young ones. Fun songs and sound effects keep children happily engaged, laughing, dancing, and singing along to familiar tunes. Between Action Mode and Let’s Learn Mode (both of which are triggered by remote control) ABC Dancing Dino covers a lot of play territory.”

Why they like it: “Simple and easy-to-use remote. Great for little ones as the Dino doesn’t roam too far and doesn’t move too fast so kids can easily track.”

2016-nappa-seal-2-1 play-and-learn-cash-register

Play and Learn Cash Register

“The Play & Learn Cash Register is the perfect addition to any pretend store. Kids will love playing with this realistic cash register that has an LCD screen to show your total, keypad that is a working calculator and a working cash drawer that sounds “cha-ching” when it opens. The unit also has a display selector that will allow kids to select foods and the amount they wish to charge for them.

Complete with credit card, cash and coins, kids can use the Play & Learn Cash Register and pretend to shop at the grocery store – just like mom and dad!”

Why they like it: A perfect prop for imaginative play! Grows with your child and can be later used as a place to keep track of and store allowance money.

2016-nappa-seal-2-1 grab-it-spelling-bee

Grab It! Spelling Bee

“Kids will love learning new words with this action-packed game. With the colorful bee theme cards and dispenser, kids will push, launch, GRAB and match the letter to the word. Simply launch the letter discs from the dispenser and when your letter comes out, GRAB IT! and place it on the corresponding spot on your game board. Be the first one to fill your board to win the game! Game includes disc dispenser, 24 game discs, and four playing boards. For up to four players.”

Why they like it: This game really helps with letter recognition and spelling simple words. The dispenser makes the game fun and adds to the excitement of the game.

2016-nappa-seal-2-1 208441_numbers_colors_pig_e_bank_product

Learn With Me – Numbers & Colors Pig E Bank

“Numbers & Colors Pig E Bank is an adorable interactive learning toy including a talking pig shaped sorter and 10 chunky coins. The Pig E Bank talking toy has 2 play modes: Learning and Find It! Each coin has its own color and shows a bold number 1-10. “Let’s find a green color!” “Let’s find the number 5.” The Numbers & Colors Pig E Bank Electronic Learning Toy will guide your child through the game play. It also will name the colors and numbers, teaching your child early math skills.

Children will love placing the shapes in the piggy container and hearing the tasks, cheerful
comments, or silly phrases that this tot piggy bank says. All colorful coins store neatly inside the toy.”

Why they like it: The two modes of play give variety to the tasks children are asked to complete. Coins are sturdy and the perfect size for little hands.

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