The Learning Journey International wins Tillywig 2016 Brain Child honors with Toys and Games

(Phoenix, AZ – July 6, 2016) Tillywig Toy and Media Awards has awarded The Learning Journey International with three additional “Brain Child” honors for 2016. The prestigious Brain Child category consists of “Exciting products that energizes the mind while seamlessly blending fun and learning” – no easy task to accomplish. The additional 2016 honorees include the Techno Gears Wacky Robot, My First Grab It! Animal Match, and ABC Dancing Dino.

To be selected as a Tillywig award winner, a product submitted must be determined by their testing team to have high entertainment and/or educational value. When assessing these values, many factors are focused and evaluated, including: ease of first use, replay value, quality appearance, social interaction and fun factor, creativity, and thought processes and motor skills development.

During the evaluation process, the products are used by a number of testers in an observed focus group format. When making final evaluations of any product, comments from observers are integrated with feedback from testers. The variety of testers and observers come from all walks of life and a broad range of ages.

The additional 2016 Tillywig Brain Child Winners are:


Techno Gears Wacky Robot

“Once kids see the images of the fully assembled Techno Gears Wacky Robot displayed on the product’s packaging, they can’t wait to start building one of their own. That intense desire to get to the end result (a colorful, big-eyed robot that incorporates rotating gears, spring-coil arms and legs, and a power motor) significantly boosts the fun factor while fueling youngsters’ drive and focus. The various colors, patterns, and shapes that make up this 80+ piece set evoke an intense interest in how everything fits together, while the easy to follow step-by-step instructions make for a highly gratifying result. In addition to the creative and intellectual stimulation of the building process, kids receive the added benefit of being exposed to the science of how the numerous gears interact with one another to move the robot’s arms, legs, and head. Aligns with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math standards.”


my-first-grab-it-animal-match (1).jpg
My First Grab It! Animal Match

“My First Grab It! Animal Match amply demonstrates the joys of finding a really good game suitable for young children. This exciting matching game has simple rules that take no time at all to learn, and colorfully illustrated components that are sized and themed just right for young minds and hands. The action includes everyone in on the fun from start to finish (no players fidgeting on the sidelines awaiting their turn because there are no turns!) Each player is given a playing board that displays a bright red barn with four barnyard animals on it. One player slides the lever on the game piece dispenser (a smile-inducing activity in and of itself), slinging a disc bearing an illustration of a single animal onto the table. All players simultaneously check to see if the animal on the disc matches one on their board. If it does, the first player to grab the disc and place it on the correct spot on their board keeps it. The first player to fill their barn wins the game. For 1 to 4 players.”


ABC Dancing Dino

“Kids are riveted by this delightfully interactive educational toy. Remote Control ABC Dancing Dino responds to the touch of various buttons on the accompanying handheld device – walking and talking, dancing, singing, playing music – he even asks questions and confirms whether kids have selected the correct answer. His wiggly, waggly tail and enthusiastic dance moves (accompanied by humorous phrases like ‘I’m a prehistoric dancing machine!’), ignite particularly gleeful responses from young ones. Fun songs and sound effects keep children happily engaged, laughing, dancing, and singing along to familiar tunes. Between Action Mode and Let’s Learn Mode (both of which are triggered by remote control) ABC Dancing Dino covers a lot of play territory.”

The Learning Journey International is a manufacturer and distributer of an exclusive line of award winning children’s interactive educational products. Our products inspire learning, creativity and discovery as they enhance each child’s potential. All products build on the skills necessary for children to be ready for school as they prepare to become our leaders of tomorrow.

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