Ogalala Moms Recommend: Summer and Travel Hacks Part 2

Continuing from last month’s parent hacks, here’s the next installment from fellow Ogalala parents!

Iris, mom to Mia, 9 years old: Since we’re expecting another child this year, going out for an out-of-town trip this summer is out of the question for now. It’s a bit of a bummer for my 9-year-old, but we make sure to maximize the vacation anyway by enrolling her in an art workshop and a children’s baking class. At home, we sustain the fun and learning with art tools of the same theme to keep up the interest. Food-themed coloring pads and sticker books; baking projects drawn on a sketchpad; modeling clay that can be sculpted into food shapes, air-dried, colored, and then displayed!

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Hazel, mom to Justin, 6 years old: My kid loves art and will not leave the house without his crayons and favorite activity book. For kids like him, make sure to bring these but in a reusable format. You can slip his favorite pages inside a clear plastic folder so it can be wiped off after using. Just make sure the crayons or markers you have are washable.

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Mafe, mom to Endria, 8 months old: Squeeze washable paint into different sizes of Ziploc bags. Tape them onto a window (or sliding door) that your toddler can easily reach, and let her touch and enjoy the visual stimulus of colors! I tried this and my baby enjoyed it so much. It’s no-mess for me but fun for my child.



Jay, dad to Ayah, 9 years old: We love stargazing during summer nights, but my wife doesn’t like it when we drag the covers out and spread them on the ground outside. I inflate a rectangular pool, pile the covers and pillows inside, and voila! We have an instant bed that’s comfortable and keeps the sheets clean.

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Kevin, dad to Daven, 2 years old, and Rohi, 9 months old: We get our hands full when we’re at the beach with 2 kids exploring around. Most of the time we need to leave our stuff at the beach while we play in the water, so we store our valuable inside a clean diaper, roll it up, and put it inside our water-proof bag. This way, would-be thieves will ignore that nappy thinking it’s soiled! Who’d want to touch that stuff?

Ritz, mom to Tristan, 13 years old: I used to run out of ideas on what to let my kid do during the vacation. So, I rounded up all his activity items and toys, listed everything that can be possibly done with them, and wrote them on popsicle sticks. For example, one activity says, “Do one puzzle”. Another says, “Build a city with blocks”, or “Do a science experiment”, or “Build a dinosaur or robot”. Then we draw random activities per day to keep things interesting. This way, we utilize all his toys, keep the boredom at bay, and make sure he’s still learning.

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Have fun and do share with us your own summer and travel parenting hacks!

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