Thank you, Moms : )

Thanks, Manila Bulletin, for this nice feature : ) I am grateful for the support moms give to other moms. Kudos to all who share to make it a bit easier for me. Happy Mothers’ Day to all moms!


As a first-time mom, my biggest challenge was going back to work and school after one month from a caesarian delivery. Our company was still professionalizing then. Plus, I had to work double time because I was taking my E-MBA.

It helps to be focused on a few goals. For me, it was breastfeeding as long as I could + sensory development. During my leave, if I was not pumping, I was preparing for child development exercises for 0-6 months. I put the instructions in excel, then transferred them in index cards and prepared the needed materials.

I was happy that I was able to store around 100 ounces of breast milk, which kept my daughter 100% breastfed when I travelled. I was also able to perform the daily sensory exercises before I left for work, then the nanny took over daytime. Added bonus was I finished my MBA without any leave of absence.

My advice: Identify simple goals. Research post birth and start listing what you need by the 5th month. Read to your child before work and again before she sleeps. Stay grateful, smell their head and kiss them, and all weariness just fades away.


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