Ogalala Moms Recommend: Summer and Travel Parenting Hacks Part 1

Can you feel the heat yet? Going out of the house during summer can be rather draining because of the heat. So how do you beat it? Enjoy it! It’s all a matter of perspective and lots of help from our fellow Ogalala parents to make the summer worthwhile for the whole family.

We’ve gathered some hacks and tips from moms and dads that you might want to try out.


Travel hacks by Bianca, mom to Alex, 1 year old: Bring the essentials and improvise! Read more here.




Jana, homesteading wife of schoolinabackpack.com, hackschooling mom to Tugz, 5 years old: I’d recommend surfing! Read more here.



Ogalala’s recommended toys for the long road trip to surftown, La Union:


Glaiza, mom to Bea, 5 years old:

Whenever we have out of town or out of the country trips, I see to it that my little lady has her own IT bag. In her bag are her favorite coloring materials, favorite doll and her favorite snack. Rule of thumb? Bring with you only the things your child can’t live without for about an hour or more.

 Bernadette, mom to Ysabella Maria, 8 months old:Bernadette.png

Summer vacation need not be expensive and out of town. My husband and I plan to do a pretend swimming on the beach with our 8-month-old baby in our very own garden using an inflatable pool. My husband will grill some barbecue and I will prepare some fruit popsicles. We will even invite our extended family for the picnic and small get together.

Ogalala’s recommended toys to beat the heat at home:

Mommy Lyn, mom to Zuleyka, 2 years old:

Ogalala recommends: Pigeon Wipes w/ Chamomile in a handy 30s pack

Be Prepared. Every kid should have their own backpack, and in it should go:

  • Change of clothes, including underwear and socks. Accidents happen, and so do travel delays.
  • Snacks in small pouches or Ziploc bags
  • Wipes to clean tray tables, hands and faces, and general messes.
  • Have you ever noticed how a kid won’t complain when they’re chewing gum? I may have just given you the greatest motherhood hack!
  • Travel sized first aid kit.
  • Empty plastic bags. Put garbage in here, or worst case scenario: use it as a barf bag.


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