Ogalala Moms Recommend: A surfin’ kind of summer

Our guest Ogalala parent today is Jana Estrevillo-Tupas, mom to Tugz, 5 years old, and wife to Joaqui. Jana is a homesteading wife and hackschooling mom. She blogs about her learning journey with her son via School in a Backpack, about her life as a wife via Mrs Ever After, and about her love for the ocean via TropicalSwells. Jana and her son, Tugz, are digital ambassadors of Ogalala.

Who says it’s hard to travel with kids? The truth is, it’s fun to travel with them! My son and I have traveled around and even outside the country since he was 5-months inside my womb and we’ve seen and done so much with just one backpack to take us across! Here’s my top two travel tips for an awesome summer:

1) Make a plan, but make room for the unexpected. Sometimes, the most spontaneous moments turn out to be the most rewarding experiences.

Tugz’s first Boracay trip where we made new friends!

Looking for ideas? School in a Backpack might have some sudden activities you’d want to be a part of.

2) Do something daring and new as a family. The greater the adventure, the grander the memory that goes with it.


Photo: http://www.tropicalswells.com

I’d recommend surfing! If you’re concerned about the safety of the kids, Tropical Swells’ surf camp is the way to go — safe and fun for sure!

Take advantage of the sun and the 7107 islands of the Philippines! Be adventurous! And enjoy each and every moment of your time together with you child — it’s totally worth it!





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